What not to say when you apply for a job at an interactive marketing agency

by Karl Sakas on April 5, 2011

When my Marketing Coordinator job application asks about your experience using Mac OS X and Google Docs/Spreadsheets, do not respond, “Not much experience with Mac OSX or Google Spreadsheets. I mainly use Word Spreadsheets.”

Sorry, “Word Spreadsheets” does not exist.

When you are applying to the Drupal Front-End Developer position at Coalmarch Productions, do not say your salary expectations are “$120K.”

We already said right next to the application that we’re offering $20-25/hour for a full-time contract position in Raleigh, NC.

And when I’m hiring a marketing coordinator for my ad agency, do not describe yourself memorably in your application as, “Premier internet stalker.”

Creepy. Revise that to be less memorable, like “excellent at online research.”

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